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The global pandemic of the Coronavirus has caused not only our society but socie

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The global pandemic of the Coronavirus has caused not only our society but societies throughout the world to change in so many ways. It has affected our economy, our education system, and even our social life. We have had to adjust the things we do. This new world order has brought with it dissension among groups of people as far as how those changes should take place. The knee jerk reaction to these changes seems to be to resist, to bide our time with an eye toward when things will get back to the way they used to be, back to normal. However, the quality that has allowed human beings to survive and indeed thrive is their ability to adapt. Looking at the various changes that have occurred in our society’s normal way of doing things, make the argument that this pandemic has brought about changes that are positive, and that it has provided an opportunity for our society to advance! To do this you will probably have to look at the difficulties that the pandemic have thrust upon society; however, I want you to take even those difficulties and make the argument that we have been able to not only survive some of these difficulties, but have actually thrived through them.
You may reference other sources. In fact you will probably have to reference some source other than yourself to do an effective job. If you reference other sources be sure to provide a Works Cited Page. Your paper is to be 3-6 pages (which should give you a minimum of 1200 words).
Your papers is to be type written, double-spaced, in Arial or Times New Roman font, 10-12 point, with one-inch margins. You are to also have a Works Cited page and in-text citations according to MLA format

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