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The main idea behind this challenge is to encourage student participation in kee

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The main idea behind this challenge is to encourage student participation in keeping the content materials for the seven course modules relevant, robust, and at no cost.
To earn points, students are to research online web resources in the public domain (such as Governmental websites; TedTalks; YouTube; etc.) related in some way the 7 content modules of the course and/or 35 leadership and professional development competencies (see listing).
The desire is for students to identify short (under 10 minutes) contemporary (preferably last 3 years) resources that are “interesting and informative” as supplementary materials, and provide links and short introductory remarks. Further, the resources should have a 90 percent or better positive viewer response and the more people that viewed the video the better (23,000,000 is a lot better than 432, etc.) As an illustration, review the example below. (Please note, when viewing the YouTube video that it received “55 Thumbs-up” and “0 Thumbs-down” i.e. 100 percent positive viewer response):
Watch the following 5 minute video to learn more about ten leadership theories in five minutes. The theories covered include: The Great Man Theory; The Trait Theory; The Skills Theory; The Style Theory; The Situational Theory; The Contingency Theory; Transactional Leadership; Transformational Leadership; Leader-Member Exchange Theory; and Servant Leadership Theory. As you watch this video, consider how traditional models fit with your own needs and preferences. If you have problems with this video link, conduct a search on your own about leadership theories and see what new concepts you can find!
Watch the following video, Ten Leadership Skills in Five Minutes, by Professor Michael (2013). Available at: (Links to an external site.)
“Classic” resources may also be identified such as the “Lucy candy” video segment. (Please note, when viewing the following YouTube video clip that it received 399 “Thumbs-up” and 11“Thumbs-down” i.e. 97 percent positive viewer response)
Watch the following 3 minute classic video segment from the I Love Lucy Show to appreciate the value of continuous process improvement, oral communication, teamwork, human performance management and a variety of other leadership and professional development competencies. As you view the video segment notice the waste in the operations and lack of effective communications and training.
Watch Lucy candy 3 shared by Busciglio, R. (2010). Available at: (Links to an external site.)
Each new resource link submission with introductory remarks can earn up to 10 Bonus Points and may be submitted anytime during the semester in the Extra Credit DropBox (100 Points Maximum).
Online Materials Challenge – Optional Extra Credit
Engr 409 Content Modules: Leadership; Strategic Planning; Customer / Market Focus; Measurement / Finance / Knowledge Management; Workforce / Human Resources Focus; Operations / Process Focus; and, Business Results.
35 Leadership and Professional Development Competencies
Resource Management
1 Computer and Basic Literacy Skills
2 Technical Competence
3 Resource Usage
4 Resource Management / Project Management
Professional Competence
5 Conceptual Thinking Skills
6 Learning and Information Skills
7 Self Responsibility and Management
8 Interpersonal Skills
9 Understands Systems
10 Oral Communications
11 Written Communications
Supervisory-Managerial Leadership
12 Interpersonal Relationship Building
13 Leadership and Coaching
14 Flexibility and Resilience
15 Problem Solving
16 Decisiveness
17 Self Direction
18 Managing Diverse Workforce
19 Conflict Management
20 Teamwork and Cooperation
21 Influencing and Negotiating
22 Customer Focus
23 Management Controls
Organizational Leadership
24 Human Performance Management
25 Planning and Evaluation
26 Financial Management and Budgeting
27 Technology Management
28 Creative Thinking
29 Vision
30 External Awareness
31 Strategic Thinking and Planning
32 Leading Change
Technical Acumen
33 Job-Specific Competencies
34 Occupational Competencies
35 Industry-Wide Competencies 
Online Material Challenge – Optional Extra Credit (10 Points Each; 100 Points Maximum)
Each new online resource submitted will be evaluated using this grade-sheet.
_____ New resource relates in some way to leadership in organizations (2 pt)
_____ New resource is contemporary (last 3 years) or a classic (2 pt)
_____ New resource is in public domain (2 pt)
_____ New resource received 90 percent plus positive viewer comments (2 pt)
_____ New resource introductory remarks include: title, author, source, date, and appropriate introductory verbiage (2 pt)
_____ Total Points (10 Each; 100 Max)

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