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The paper focuses on analysis of performance evaluation, reward management, and

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The paper focuses on analysis of performance evaluation, reward
management, and training & development, as it concerns the position
you filled, after having hiring the ideal candidate (during the midterm
case paper and TDs).
Introduction: the roadmap of the paper
Main Body subsections:
1. Selected Organization: Provide brief overviews of the company
you selected and the position you filled by hiring the ideal
candidate in the midterm case paper.
2. A complete Reward Management Compensation Package you
design to attract and hire the ideal candidate. It includes salary
ranges (for salary ranges, please see or the the benefits package, as well as organizational
intrinsic motivational aspects.
3. The paper discusses and explains the process of performance
management and evaluation regarding the newly hired
employee by you. It selects one or two methods that fit the
selected position.
4. The paper will discuss the training and development it plans for
the new hire.
1 / 2
Sum up the main points of the paper.
List of references in APA
Introduction provides a roadmap to the paper, informing the
reader what the paper plans to do.
The conclusions merely sum up the main points of the paper.
Utilize the questions as subtitles.
The APA style will be utilized to reference sources, in-text and
in the bibliography.
Assignment should be a double-spaced with 1-inch margins
and 1 / 2 typed in 12-point, Times New Roman Word Document
Include a Cover Page and Reference Page (List of references
(APA style): use 5 – 8 references from the Touro library)

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