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The purpose of this presentation is to introduce yourself to your audience (clas

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The purpose of this presentation is to introduce yourself to your audience (classmates) by discussing your identities and experiences and how those things contribute to and shape your worldview. Further, this presentation encourages practicing both vulnerability and self-reflexivity, two core components of dialogue. Throughout our life we have various turning points, or “epiphany moments,” instances in which we come to a better understanding of ourselves, others, and/or our experiences. These moments may come from both significant events and/or mundane (everyday) occurrences. Reflect on turning points or epiphany moments from your life, and choose one you feel comfortable sharing in class that has contributed to who you are today. Then, create an oral story (3-5 minutes) that is engaging to hear. This should be akin to a monologue.
You should think of an experience that was instrumental in developing your sense of self today. This should likely be a more significant event than getting a dog or your favorite vacation. You may include things like audience participation, song/dance, spoken word, cultural vernacular, etc. Do not intend to simply come on presentation day and ramble a story about something you’ve experienced.
It must be evident that you’ve considered some sort of narrative arch resulting in an introduction, body, and conclusion. You should avoid standing behind any podiums, tables, etc. You should not plan to simply read your presentation from an outline or script. You will only be eligible for up to 50% of the grade if you do this.
-Developed by Cassidy D. Ellis, University of New Mexico; lightly edited
Your presentation will be evaluated on the following aspects:
1- Topical:  The presenter considers who they are and their core values by sharing a clear narrative that answers one or more of the questions listed on the assignment.  
2-  Composition:  The presenter’s narrative arch is compelling and the sequence of events is clear.  The composition is thoughtful and purposeful.  There is a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
3- Delivery:  The presentation is delivered confidently and extemporaneously.  Presenter makes appropriate eye contact and performance is free of verbal fillers.

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