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The questions only have to be decent paragraph sized.

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The questions only have to be decent paragraph sized.
1. What scene or scenes do you think you’ll still remember a month from now and what is it about those scenes that will be memorable? Explain why.
2. What did the children’s body language indicate about the impact of discrimination? Provide an example. What other impacts did discrimination have on them? Think about the impact on learning, how do you think this translates into real life?
3. Both Elliott and her former students talk about whether or not this exercise should be done with all children. What do you think? If the exercise could be harmful to children, as Elliott suggests, what do you think actual discrimination might do? Also refer to the chapter on personality and discuss how personality may be impacted, or how personality types may be affected. So incorporate information that you have just learned from the personality chapter into this discussion on discrimination, however you see it fitting in.
4. It’s easy to understand why third-graders might not refuse to obey their teacher, but when the exercise is done with the prison guards, why don’t any of the adults object? How do you see the prison exercise translating into the “real” world? What was Elliot hoping to accomplish with this group?
5. What is your reaction to this video? How does this apply to our social world currently? What are some things that you see happening in this country regarding race and racism? Also incorporate concepts learned in chapter 12 that would apply. Your response should be a minimum of 250 words. Stretch yourself here.

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