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The subject name is Outdoor Education it a project. PE 104 Backpacking Trip Pro

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The subject name is Outdoor Education it a project. PE 104 Backpacking Trip Project
For this project, you will be required to create a backpacking trip for yourself, and any other people you may desire. The trip can be planned for anywhere on Earth, but remember, if you plan for areas outside of the country, you must take travel into account. Please use complete sentences and proper grammar, and include all necessary links and documents for each section. Your project must include all of the following information:
• Your specific destination:
• Route details:
• Area Rules, regulations and restrictions:
• Gear and supplies (please indicate which gear is personal and which is shared and list in checklist form):
• Time (number of days total) & distance (total distance, and daily distance covered):
• Group size:
• Time of year and possible weather conditions:
• Animals and insects you may encounter that are of concern:
• Food list (checklist form):
Assignment for the weeks of 11-30-2020 through 12-23-2020
Your assignment is as follows:
1. Utilize this webpage to learn about backpacking, and how to prepare for a trip:
2. Complete the attached assignment.
3. Please upload the assignment using the dropbox link within the assignment link in Blackboard

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