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There are 3 questions in this assignment.  Please post each in a separate attach

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There are 3 questions in this assignment.  Please post each in a separate attachment.
1.Preincident Plan
As discussed in the unit lesson, there are 15 items which should be considered when performing a preincident plan:
apparatus and      manpower,
life hazards,
water supply,
auxiliary appliances,
street conditions,
area and height,
location and extent,
hazardous materials,
communications, and
command structure.
For this assignment, you have been tasked to create a three-page plan where you have identified a building in your area for which to create a preincident plan. Your plan should include the following items.
Include a title page.
Provide a picture of the building being reviewed and name and address of it.
List each of the 15 items, and discuss them for building selected. If the item is not applicable or not known, discuss why or “what-ifs.”
Define the building construction type of this building.
Identify what levels of protection exist in this building.
Analyze various principles of fire chemistry and fire dynamics.
Discuss the impacts fire could have on the emergency situations in this building.
Detail the actions to be taken by personnel in an emergency.
Include a reference page with at least your textbook.
Your report should be at least three pages (not counting the title or reference pages). The report should utilize APA guidelines. Include at least your textbook as a source and reference any additional sources that you may use
2. Within this unit, we covered water distribution systems. Based on the community served, these systems can be different. Research your own community, and describe the setting and the water distribution system that exists there. If you are not currently part of the fire service, talk to your local fire department, or call your local department/authority, and ask them about the system in your community.
Within your submission, be specific, and include other (different) systems that were discussed in this unit and how they affect your fire department’s ability to provide fire protection to your citizens. Detail what fire protection systems will be required by personnel for the types of buildings in your community and what prevention efforts can support the system being discussed. Also, discuss the fire code being followed in your community, and why personnel should have knowledge of them.
On a page by itself, include a picture of a water tower in your community, or another part of the water system, if one is not present. Be sure to use at least your textbook as a reference.
Your paper should contain at least two pages of content. Your title page, reference page, and picture page do not count as part of the total page count.
This activity should utilize APA guidelines. Include at least your textbook as a reference and any additional references that you may use.
3. As discussed this unit, many codes exist to reduce community risk. What is one code you would propose based on your personal experience? Please explain any examples and how you feel it would benefit from a fire code.
Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.

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