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this is due today……  must have done within 6 hours…..  Follow the instruct

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this is due today……  must have done within 6 hours….. 
Follow the instructions in the kinesiology exam attachment…. Only do #1, #2, #4, #5
The book is attached to use 
1. Browse through chapters 1-10 
write any 2 questions you want with answers that is from each chapter 
total will be 20 questions you write that have answers 
2.  for the following: write one benefit for each as if you were me and that I have already did this 
a. day Non-dominate Activity — pretend you practice doing something with non dominate hand- what    good befit from this 
b. 10- day Food Journal: pretend you ate healthy for 10 days– what good benefit
c. 10 -day exercise/stretching: pretend you stretched for 10 days— what good benefit you get 
d. 10 -day Meditation/Brain Health– pretend you meditate for 10 days — what good benefit from this
4. how does doing book report help enhance your ability to perform in your career choice—-  write something like you being able to read and understand helps you prepare for you work and you can be focused in your job. 
5. See number #5 in attachment for instructions 

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