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this is two parts of the assignment. please be sure to complete both. part one:

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this is two parts of the assignment. please be sure to complete both.
part one:Go online and print out a copy of the “Letter from A Birmingham Jail” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In light of that document, provide answers to the following questions by presenting a 3 page document which incorporates the answers to those questions. Papers are to be typed and double spaced. This accounts for 100 points. This exam is to be completed by each individual student.
To whom is the letter addressed?
Why is he writing to these persons in particular?
Why is Martin in Birmingham? What existing conditions concern him?
What does he see as his purpose inbeing there? What does he hope to accomplish?
What principles/ideas/beliefs guide his life and actions?
To what sources does he appeal for support of his actions?
What does he mean by “active nonviolent direct action?”
part two:
Provide answers to the three following questions. Answers should utilize primary terms and concepts pertaining to each philosopher, assigned texts, class notes, and personal insight/integration of all materials. Answers for each question are not to exceed two pages in length. Papers are to be typed and double spaced (100 points).
A. How did Augustine differ from Plato as to what humans could do in correcting the problems of life?
How does the creation account in Genesis inform his perspective? What did he mean by “disordered
love” and how does one go about ordering it properly?
B. Why is “natural law” important in the development of Aquinas’ ethical theory? How is “natural law”
Theory evidenced in the “Vatican’s Document on Sexual Ethics?”
C. What are the reasons for saying Kierkegaard is an “existentialist?” What is the importance of
paradox, the irrational and parables in the development of his theory? How did he use the “Stages
on Life’s Way” to make sense of how one might live one’s life in relationship to God? How did he
suggest we find life’s greatest meaning?

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