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This paper is an application paper focusing on your favorite interpersonal commu

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This paper is an application paper focusing on your favorite interpersonal communication theory to your personal life. Make sure to cite references from the text and explain how they apply to the situation you are citing. Also, enrich these references with information from outside sources, such as journal articles, magazines, newspaper, website, and other media references. These papers must be properly referenced using APA style.
The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize students with all of the course objectives. You are to 1) choose and explain your favorite interpersonal communication theory and 2) analyze it within the context of your own life. The issue you choose to write about should be based explained citing necessary background information. Clear connections with the theory you have chosen should be drawn using the information in your textbook and other related outside sources. Content
This paper involves more than just simply summarizing an issue from your personal life. While you will want to offer some description of the issue, the main emphasis should be on analyzing it based on the context of the interpersonal theory you have chosen. You should organize your paper into the following three parts:
Introduction: Describe the issue. Who are the participants? What is the history of the relationship? What is the current status of the relationship? This information should be relatively brief. Next, preview the body of the paper by indicating the interpersonal theory you will apply to the issue.
Body: In this section of the paper you will analyze the issue using the interpersonal communication theory you have chosen. This is by far the longest section of the paper.
First organize the body of the paper around the theory you have chosen. Select several examples to document it and then apply it to the situation. You may discuss these concepts and how they affected the parties to the issue you have chosen. Use evidence to support your claims -using direct quotes from the text and related sources, and specific examples from the media from where you are citing the issue. If you fail to give evidence, it will significantly lower your grade.
Some concepts you should consider using are: nonverbal communication, verbal communication, relational messages, conflicting perceptions, listening, self-fulfilling prophecies, social roles, gender communication, influence of culture, self-concept, self-esteem, self-disclosure, relational dialectics, confirming/disconfirming messages, interpersonal attraction, expressing emotions, trust, rituals, commitment, investment, managing conflict.
Conclusion: This section includes a brief summary of the body of the paper. End the paper with some reflections on your relationship, and what you learned as a result of writing this paper.

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