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This paper is based on the outline written before. I attached them below. You ne

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This paper is based on the outline written before. I attached them below. You need to write about 4-5 pages. This is a paper, you can write long sentences to demonstrate your idea.
My assigned local store is Baskin-Robbins
Address: 202 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA
Part 5 (Public Administration)
Identify local, state, national or international laws or policies that will impact organizational operations including any:
Environmental regulatory issues
Planning and Zoning issues
Employee compensation requirements and labor laws
Licensing or permit requirements
Impact of any international laws or protocols
Community Engagement Plan
Identify community organizations that may impact the organization.
Identify government entities that will impact       organizational activities.
Identify local demographics and how they may impact       the organization.
Identify local, state and national organizations       recommended to be joined or supported.
Identify issues of Ethics or Corporate Social      Responsibility that could impact organizational operations.
Impact of product or service or employment plan
Diversity Management Plan
Social Equity issues, particularly those related to  race or gender
Part 6 (Accounting and Finance)
Purpose of Financial Documents
· Demonstration to possible investors
· Provide a measure to actual results
· Risk evaluation
Types of Financial Documents
· Personal Financial Statement
· Sources and Uses of Funds
· Proforma Cash Flow Statement
· Income Statement
· Balance Sheet
· Common Size Financial Statement
· Three-year Income Projection
· Break-Even Analysis
· Financial Statement Analysis
· Liquidity Analysis
· Profitability Analysis
· Debt Measures
· Investment Measures (ROA and ROI)
Part 7 
Objectives and Goals
Expected results
Within course time frame
Strategic and Tactical Recommendations
Strategy to accomplish goals
The tactics to meet the strategic goals
Explanation and justification of message
Consistent layout design and mandatory inclusions
Examples of message and graphics
Explanation and justification of promotions
Examples of promotional tools
Media Chart of all running Marketing Communications advertising and promotions
How will we measure the success?
Benchmark and success measurement

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