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This paper is on Schedule and Routines/Organization of Day with the class below

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This paper is on Schedule and Routines/Organization of Day with the class below and thinking about How are you establishing consistent yet flexible routines? Allowing for a variety of activities? Groupings? Timing? You are working as the special education teacher in an integrated Kindergarten classroom with 18 students. There are 8 children with IEPs. Children with IEPs include: 1 child with high functioning autism 1 child with a mild visual impairment 1 child with auditory processing disorder 1 child with a mild intellectual disability 1 child diagnosed with selective mutism 1 child who uses a wheelchair 2 children with a disability classification of speech/language impairment Additionally, 3 children in the class are emergent bilinguals all speaking Spanish in their home (no IEPs). You have a general education teacher in the room as well as 3 paraprofessionals: one who is a native Spanish speaker, one assigned to the child in a wheelchair and another assigned to the child with the visual impairment. Therapists are on site at the school and may push in or pull out from time to time but are not always available at a moment’s notice. How might you plan/schedule your day? I’ve attached an example of how the paper should look like with the schedule. The schedule should start at 8:30am and end at 2pm

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