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This paper requires you to obtain a marketing article from one of the business j

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This paper requires you to obtain a marketing article from one of the business journals listed in the syllabus, summarize the content of the marketing article and apply the marketing management concepts from the lecture slides and readings in four typed pages, double-spaced 12 point Times New Roman. You will be graded on your ability to summarize the pertinent issues raised in the article and how well you articulate /apply marketing management concepts from class to the article critique.  A copy of the article must be uploaded to Canvasalong with your summary paper.  If you have questions as to the suitability of your chosen article, you can ask me to review it before you write your paper.  The following is a list of magazines where you can find articles.  You can also find marketing articles in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur magazine, and online from your local newspaper or general news sources.  This is not an exhaustive list, but you should be able to find an article.  You can also check with the business library’s online magazine source as well.  **Choose an article that interests you and relates to marketing management. ** Itis an individual assignment, not a group assignment.  Ten points will be deducted each day the assignment is late.
Marketing MagazinesAdvertising AgeGlobal source of news, views and data for the ad, marketing and media industries.Adweek/Brand WeekHighlights the latest advertising trends, including those related to online and website advertising. It is also a magazine for branding professionals. Find tips on increasing brand loyalty, market analysis and news coverage of brands.Bloomberg Business WeekWeekly business magazine with insights and in-depth analysis of business events.Entrepreneur MagazineMonthly magazine that covers entrepreneurship and small business.Fast CompanyMonthly magazine that covers technology, business and design.ForbesBi-weekly magazine that publishes articles on finance, investing and marketing.

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