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This project requires you to think critically about your own life stages of deve

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This project requires you to think critically about your own life stages of development, life course events, and how creativity impacts your life, in addition to all the content you have learned in THIS class. You will write a 6-8 page (250 words per page) paper discussing four of Erikson’s eight stages of development, and how they are reflected in your life in relation to the major theoretical frameworks discussed in class. The eight stages start with Trust versus Mistrust fostering Hope and end with Integrity versus Despair, fostering Wisdom. Major theoretical frameworks discussed in class include any of the disciplines we cover each week. For example, you might address Erikson’s stage of Identity versus Role confusion and how that fits into your intergenerational familial relationships and related content addressed in class. Do not use or cite outside readings. Only materials presented in this class are needed for this paper and project. 
you will need to write this paper from a Chinese person point of view and i will provide all the material you will need and 10 ppt from the class which you have to watch them all before writing this paper. You are not allowed to use outside source in this essay. 
this essay is due on November 3rd but I would like to read it before turn it in.
this paper is worth 150 point, if you are confident to get at least 120, please dm me.
you can look into the materials first 
i put all the materials in my google drive and here is the link

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