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This Republic of Suffering (preface available here: ‘Republic of Suffering’ Auth

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This Republic of Suffering (preface available here: ‘Republic of Suffering’ Author Drew Gilpin Faust or in Civil War module)
3) View The Story of Reconstruction (CBS Morning)

Discussion Prompt:
Drew Gilpin Faust, president of Harvard University, drafted a book on the Civil War in 2008, This Republic of Suffering. This is one of hundreds of works dedicated to the Civil War. In particular, what is Faust’s thesis in This Republic? How does the war transform the nation, according to Faust? Give SPECIFIC examples from the preface and include your own reaction to the material.
After the Civil War, the period known as Reconstruction lasted for twelve years from 1865-1877. Give examples from the CBS clip on the stories of Reconstruction. From your perspective, what is the legacy of Reconstruction?

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