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This speech is designed to “break the ice” by sharing three narratives from your

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This speech is designed to “break the ice” by sharing three narratives from your childhood with the class.
Create 3-5 PowerPoint slides to accompany your speech. The slides should have photos, illustrations, graphics, and/or quotes related to what you will share about yourself based on the content of your speech.
This time, begin your speech with your name, the theme of your speech, and the three things you will address. Don’t go into a lot of detail about those three things, just preview or list them.
Next transition to the Body of your speech. You should have three main points or aspects of yourself to share in the Body section. The three main points should be brief stories you can expand upon. Consider telling us about challenges you’ve overcome and how you managed to do it, OR describe new, exciting or unusual events that occurred in your life, OR discuss personal hobbies or skills you have and how you acquired them, OR identify other interesting facts or interest points about your past, present or future and expand on them.
After the Body section, please deliver a clear conclusion that denotes you have come to the end of your short speech, reviews the three main ideas you shared and ends the speech with a few final memorable words. You could let us know what you look forward to learning more about, experiences you desire to have, or how those moments changed you.

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