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This week we are covering textbook topics found in Chapter 4, “The  Nature of Ca

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This week we are covering textbook topics found in Chapter 4, “The  Nature of Capitalism,” (beginning on page 117) and Chapter 5,  “Corporations,” (beginning on page 156). These chapters identify  four key features of capitalism: the existence of companies, the goal of  making a profit, a competitive market, and the ownership of private  property.
Respond to the following:
How do these four features of capitalism relate to you as an  individual? Do you feel that capitalism is consistently fair to both  small-business owners and corporations in relation to each of the four  key features? Explain your thoughts.
Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.
Classmates post below
Hi class! As an individual, I benefit (and effected) by the four  features of capitalism. It allows me to find the products that I am  searching for at a greater ease because there are multiple choices from  different competitors. This can lead to better prices in order for  competitors to compete for business from the consumers. However, it can  also lead to increased prices based on what company has a corner on the  market. Capitalism also allows me to become creative and introduce a new  produce to society so I can attempt to capitalize on an existing market  or simply create something new entirely.
I don’t think that there is a fair market when comparing small  business owners to corporations. Small business have a hard time  fighting to stay a float within Capitalism. Corporations are able to  dictate the market by adjusting the prices certain products which may  not allow smaller businesses the opportunity to catch up or even move  forward because they can not afford it. This can cause large  corporations to gain a monopoly power over the market which could cause  the closing of smaller businesses as well as hurt the pay wages given to  the workers.

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