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This week we continue our focus on current-day issues in landscape architecture.

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This week we continue our focus on current-day issues in landscape architecture. Based on the course content, please respond to at least (2) two of the bullets below, or you are welcome to formulate your own discussion post in response to specific course content.
Diversity + Equity. How would you envision an “anthropologically diverse landscape”? What is (or could be) the role of landscape architecture in the pursuit of social justice, especially in terms of “diversity,” “equity,” and/or “inclusion”? What did you find most interesting or impactful from the conversation between Kofi Boone and Julian Agyeman?
Pandemic + Built Environment. How do you think approaches to the built environment will change in response to the Covid-19 pandemic? What could some of these long-term shifts be for public space, transportation, business, schools, housing/neighborhoods, environment, ecology, etc.? Do you think there are any particular implications (esp. opportunities) for the practice of landscape architecture?
Sustainability. In what ways does the field of landscape architecture promote environmental sustainability and what projects exemplify this multifaceted approach? What is the SITES initiative and if you could apply this SITES design approach to a site of your choosing, how would you improve or re-design the area? How would you weave together the various aspects of sustainability such as water, soils and vegetation, materials, human health and well-being, maintenance, etc.?
Urban Agriculture. How does the field of landscape architecture intersect with urban agriculture or sustainable agriculture? What design principles or strategies might apply to urban, suburban, and rural areas? Which project precedent caught your eye and why did you find it to be interesting?
A discussion post of about 300 words is expected for full credit. Thoughtfulness and originality may earn extra points!

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