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This week’s first assignment is STEP 3 – Literature Review and Critical Appraisa

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This week’s first assignment is STEP 3 – Literature Review and Critical Appraisal.The student will complete the following items and submit a Word doc to the assignment link. 
Provide a title that conveys or describes the assignment.
Literature Review – Provide the key terms used to guide the search for the evidence and provide at least five (5) summaries of research studies to support the evidence.
Critical Appraisal of Literature – Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence, what is known from the evidence and any gaps in knowledge from the research evidence.
References – Cite a minimum of five scholarly references in APA 6th ed format.
Format: Completed paper with references in APA 7th ed. format
File name: Save the file with Student First Name_Last Name_Part 3  
PICOT Question: on a medical-surgical hospital unit (P), how does implementing hourly nursing rounding (I),compare to no scheduled roundng (c), affect patient safety(o), within 6 month of implementation (T).
IMPORTANT NOTICESee attached paper as it has everything you are to do in this paper and you MUST use the Critical Analysis article to guide you in your analysis that is also attached; the EBP pyramid paper also attached.
Use the paper you submitted in week 5 (part 2) as this may reflect what you will do for your capstone project. In this version of that paper, you are to do the following: (PUT THE PAPER IN A WORD DOCUMENT NOT PDF and NO APA templates as edits cannot be made to help you learn in either format)
Make sure your title page is accurate with a proper title of the project, your name, US University, MSN 563, your faculty name
Title the first section on page one: Introduction –
Restate the CON approved list of subjects
Restate your PICOT question
Then you MUST give a one to two paragraph discussion of the key terms you used to guide the search for the evidence and the search engines you used to obtain the articles you will discuss.
Title the next section Critical Analysis of Five Research Articles: all articles have to be within the last 5 years of publication
then present summaries of five (5) of the research studies you used to support your project and use the appraisal criteria below to do this part of the paper.
Title of the article and the journal
Author and Date of publication – has to be within the past 5 years to be used as evidence
Type of article published: systematic review, meta-analysis, random clinical trials, cohort studies, etc
EBP pyramid level of evidence (Ranks are levels I – VII)
Include what was the purpose, process, and outcomes of that research
Was the study appropriate and valuable to improve health
Who were the participants, how many, was a power analysis done to determine if statistical analysis should be performed
Was randomization or volunteer, or specific sample selection used
If a systematic review or meta-analysis, how did the authors determine what articles to choose to review?
What was the intervention?
Were the instruments used to analyze the data valid and reliable
What were the results? This includes the stats findings
What were the strengths and weaknesses of the published article?
This includes the EBP pyramid, the instruments reliability/validity, sample size, type of analysis done, results, limitations, etc
Did the strengths or weaknesses predominate and should the article be used to support your project and practice change?
Just because it is a level 1 on the EBP pyramid does not mean that it is a quality paper
Title the next section: Summary of What is Known
In this section discuss what is known from the evidence you presented and identify any gaps in knowledge from the research evidence you discussed.
Give a closing statement
References – Cite a minimum of five scholarly references in APA 6th ed format. (7th edition is OK if that is what you have been using). This MUST be in proper APA format. 

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