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Throughout this unit, we have discussed ways that illustrations can help to conv

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Throughout this unit, we have discussed ways that illustrations can help to convey a point or to exemplify an idea that a writer is trying to communicate. No doubt, you find yourself in situations all the time in which you must use illustrations. Think about a time when you conveyed a point to someone—a friend, relative, coworker, or colleague—and used an exceptionally apt illustration to drive home a point. You can also write about a time that someone provided you with an enlightening example that crystalized an idea for you. You might also choose to write about how you use illustrations in your daily life.
Do you use illustrations to teach others? How have you used examples to win an argument, teach your child a difficult lesson, or to explain a problem? In what ways are illustrations a part of your daily interactions with others?
Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.”
Just about every day, I use illustrations to help better explain things to people who may not be technical or mechanically minded. With my job, I am constantly looking at hydraulic schematics/electrical schematics/drawings etc for large equipment on mining sites. Sometimes while working with a client or a fellow employee, I will draw out circuits or pieces of a part to better explain things to them. I also do this via email and clip a picture of the machine, then use a program I have to manipulate the image to show them better. This helps a lot and saves a ton of time because then they are able to see exactly what I am talking about regarding that topic. These types of illustrations have become the norm for me and a few of my colleagues who also do what i do. Because there are so many different types of equipment that we use and work on, it can be difficult to talk over the phone or email about what the person on site is looking at. I have found that using pictures/drawings/sketches seems to work really well and a lot of the people I work with like them as well. 

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