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To complete this essay, you must choose at least 2 of the core readings for this

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To complete this essay, you must choose at least 2 of the core readings for this unit (Oedipus, Hamlet, or Antigone)(I added it in additional materials), identify the ways in which their heroes are different or similar, and analyze what this shows us about the nature of the tragic hero. Ultimately, the question you’re seeking to answer is “How, if at all, has the tragic hero changed over time (as it is represented in the texts we’ve considered)?” You may use any other readings, including short stories, information from class discussions, as well as supplemental research.
Questions you might want to consider in this essay
The questions below are not exhaustive, but they might be a good starting point for your thought-process about this topic.
What is the view of human nature presented in the text?
What features of the text are similar or different to each other?
What other texts of the same time period follow similar trends in the author’s ideas of human nature?
What other texts of the same time period contradict the author’s ideas of human nature?
What social and/or cultural influences affected the author or the text?
What political forces shape the world the character lives in or the world the author wrote in?
Formatting and Length: As always, please use MLA format and citations. MLA format is typed, double-spaced with no extra spaces between lines, 12 point, Times New Roman font. Your name, my name, our class title, and the date of submission should be in the top left corner. There should be a header with your last name, (comma) page number. At the end of your essay should be a Works Cited page, which does not count towards your word count. The length of the essay should be 1,500 words.

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