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Tobacco Industry Manipulation of Research

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Your assignment is to analyze the case study in this folder Tobacco Industry Manipulation of Research. 
To help you along, I have also included a file in this folder on How to Analyze a Case Study. Your analysis will be a minimum of 5 pages and you have two weeks to complete it. 
There are a few ground rules you must adhere to:
The report must be written in APA format. Sources are:
1.      American Psychological Association. (2010). Concise Rules of APA Style. 6th ed. Washington, DC: Author. ISBN: 9781433805608
Report must include at least 5 scholarly references, in-text citations, a proper cover page, an abstract page, at least five FULL pages of content, and one properly written reference page.
Report must be written in Times New Roman, 12 font, and double-spaced throughout.
If you have any questions, please email or send me a text message
Assignment Grading Rubrics
Quality of work                                                                     0 – 50 pts
•         Substance
•         Grammar
•         Subject terminology
•         Originality
•         Etc
Research                                                                                 0 – 25 pts
•         Use of scholarly articles to support your views 
APA Formatting                                                                    0 – 25 pts
•         Title page
•         Running head
•         Abstract page
•         Main body
•         In-text citations
•         Properly written reference page
•         Etc
Total                                                                                      100 pts

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