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Topic – BURIAL: How did Egyptians prepare the body of the pharaoh for burial? Wh

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Topic – BURIAL: How did Egyptians prepare the body of the pharaoh for burial? Why were these procedures undertaken? 
1 page maximum. 
Please answer the questions below in numbered (not paragraph) format. • Answer these questions: 
1. What is the topic of your research paper? Please choose a narrow, college-level topic that will “fit” into 5-6 pages. If your topic is too broad or too simple, I will ask you to narrow it down and re-do this assignment. Example: “The life of Cleopatra,” and “The four pillars of Islam” are too broad and too simple for a college-level paper. These topics are more appropriate for middle or high school. ***Do you need help deciding on a topic? Look over the table of contents in our text, and/or the discussion topics that were provided for each learning module… What topic/s interest you the most? Which would you like to research and find out more about? This is a great place to start, because the more you are interested in something, the more you will want to research and write about it!***
2. What (4 or more) sources, in addition to the textbook, will you research? • Please read the instructions for the Research Paper to find out what sources are appropriate. • Two of your sources must be from a scholarly journal or book (other than the textbook). • The campus librarians can help you receive material electronically if you cannot physically go to the library. • You need to list the specific sources that you plan to use (don’t just put: encyclopedia, library, ebsco, internet, etc..). • You are allowed to add more sources to your research paper later.
3. How is this topic or argument relevant to our course? Your topic must directly relate to the material covered in our textbook.
4. What is your thesis statement?…a one-sentence statement (not a question) in which you will provide an argument for your paper. The remainder of your research paper will provide facts, which prove your thesis statement. If you have forgotten what a thesis statement is from your English Research course (which is a pre-req. for this course), please take some time to do an internet search on this, ask an English teacher, or ask your advisor.
Formatting For both Assignments: • Papers must be double spaced, 1inch margins for top and bottom, 1.25 inch for left and right. • Readable fonts only: Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier. 12 pt. font • Please save your paper as either a .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf file 

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