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U K SOURCE ONLY a) Produce a poster which shows the levels of organisation withi

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a) Produce a poster which shows the levels of organisation within a system of the human body, for example, the digestive system. For your system you will identify 4 types of tissue and explain where they are found in the system and how they contribute to the overall functioning of your chosen system. For example, one type of tissue found in the digestive system is epithelial tissue; you will need to describe its different functions, such as protection and secretion, and state how these functions assist in the digestion of food. Include diagrams and/or drawings to help explain the information you include.
4 Titles 
Epithelial tissue
Muscle tissue
Nervous tissue
Connective tissue
b) On your poster you will also include detail on a particular cell organelle. Choose from: nucleus, ribosome, smooth endoplasmic reticulum, rough endoplasmic reticulum, lysosome, mitochondrion, Golgi apparatus, chloroplast, cell wall, plasma membrane. You must describe the structure and function of the organelle in relation to its role within the cell. Annotate a diagram of your chosen organelle to explain how the function and structures are related.
2.  Write a short (500-word) essay explaining how the stated organelle may be viewed using a named type of microscope such as light, confocal, scanning and transmission electron microscopes. Then evaluate the chosen method, including explanations of magnification and resolution.
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