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Using a Virtual Machine as your suspect device, you will use FTK Imager to creat

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Using a Virtual Machine as your suspect device, you will use FTK Imager to create a triage, or “custom content,” image. Remember, your instructor will provide links for any evidence that you might need.
This is done so that you can get a look at some important artifacts without having to image and process an entire drive. It is useful because it can allow you to focus on devices that will give you the most evidence up front and put aside devices that may not be relevant to the case.
Your deliverable for this assignment will be a screen capture of FTK running your custom content image and a short report. Save the custom content image for use later in the course. To create your screen capture, follow these steps:
If you have not already done so, download the latest version of FTK Imager.
Create a USB drive with FTK Imager installed. This is a simple process of downloading FTK Imager and installing it on a connected USB drive (SEE TRIAGE USB CREATION INSTRUCTIONS IN LESSON 2.1). Or use FTK Imager Lite, which does not require installation.
You should be running the provided suspect disk image .vhd file, which you can download from the class resources folder.
Connect your FTK USB drive to the VMWare machine. This will also be your destination drive for the image you will create, so make sure it is big enough (32 to 64 GB).
The first step in creating a triage image is to capture RAM! Be sure to do that first. Save the memdump.mem file to your USB.
Use the VMWare virtual disk as your target, and create a “custom content image” using FTK.
Please write a forensic report which describes the steps you took to complete this assignment. Include the screen capture you took as proof. This does not have to be a narrative report, just a screencap and brief description of the relevant activity to document what you did.    

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