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Using different examples from world religions, discuss the ambivalence of religi

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Using different examples from world religions, discuss the ambivalence of religion in our contemporary world. How can religion be an agent of hope and positive change? How can religion foster peace and justice in the world? Give concrete examples.
I need you to make sure you answer the question above, it is imperative that you use the following criteria The four C’s Content – the material itself and the way you have put it together – and having an introduction, conclusion, thesis Comprehensive – it contains all the right information Comparative – give examples from different religions, explain them, and use technical language e.g. prayer in Islam as salat Critical – you have to have deep reflection – e.g. from your own thinking and experience
Please follow the following carefully Introduction – needs a thesis statement at the end of the introduction tat is relevant to the whole paper (Highlight the thesis statement in yellow) Body paragraphs – please write a topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph. This topic sentence should link to the thesis statement and subsequently the paragraph should be coherent with the topic sentence.
A conclusion is also required I recommend you write about Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam – kindly do not forget the comparative criteria.

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