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we need to write reply for this DISCUSSION ANSWER just one page  In the 1960s El

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we need to write reply for this DISCUSSION ANSWER just one page 
In the 1960s Elisabeth Kubler-Ross developed a model which is known as the classic change curve. Mainly this model defines clear explanations which help to understand the various stages or the levels of emotions. This helps to know about how to change and how to deal with the people’s reaction to a particular situation. For the various organizations knowing about this classic change, the curve helps to understand clearly how the crucial changes must be implemented. If any transitions result with the employees for the changes that have been made by the organization then, in this case, support is needed for the employees by their top management of the organization (Motulsky, & Christopoulos, 2004).
The following are the steps or the stages that were involved with the classic change curve model. The entire process of this model starts with the shock and denial stage, and generally, this stage is considered as the temporary stage. This is the stage in which the people do not consider the things that happen in reality, and they don’t want to believe them. Due to this, the productivity loss may occur, and also the process may cause slowdowns which may be temporary. Anger and depression are considered as the next stage in this process. In the anger stage, the people may involve in shouting on others without having the correct information completely and also some people may involve in blaming the other people. In the depression stage, the people may undergo to anxieties and fear.
Also, some people may take the wrong decisions, such as committing to suicides and putting their lives in danger (Dutton, 2011). This anger and the depression stages is considered as the darker emotion stage of the individuals. The acceptance and integration are considered as the next stage in this process. After the above stages, this stage begins to exist. In the acceptance stage, the change is inevitable, and everyone should accept it. Next is the integration stage in which the individuals concentrate more on their future.
.Dutton, E. (2011). The Culture Shock of St. Patrick. Estudios Irlandeses, 6(6), 125–131.
Motulsky, H., & Christopoulos, A. (2004). Fitting models to biological data using linear and nonlinear regression a practical guide to curve fitting . Oxford University Press

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