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Week1: READ this brief article featured in Dance Spirit Magazine for a quick int

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READ this brief article featured in Dance Spirit Magazine for a quick introduction to the history and technique of Folklorico dance by Susana Friscia (April 2019).
WATCH: Connecting with history through Mexican folklórico dance


Najera Ramirez-Ballet_Folklórico_Mexicano_Choreographing_National_Identity.
“The Love Story of the Jarabe Tapatio”
Follow the link for this week’s reading and video by Dr. Gabriela Mendoza-Garcia. 
The Love Story behind the Jarabe Tapatío
Podcast- Danza De Los Viejitos

Día de los Muertos Festival 2015 – Danza de los Viejitos 1

Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Carlos Moreno | Dia de los Muertos 2020

OPTIONAL: Nine Rails Arts Podcast Ep. 7 – Dia De Los Muertos / Tutulli & WSU Ballet Folklórico

Dancing our Gender within Folklórico
Click on the links below to watch this week’s videos. 
“Gay dance company reinvents Mexico’s ballet folklorico”: 

“La bruja con Mexico de Colores” – “The Witch with “Mexico de Colores”

“Secreto en el Monte” – “Secret in the Woods”

“Expanding Traditions: LGBTQ Folklorico takes to the Stage”
Click on the following link to listen to this podcast (7:19) and read the short article that accompanies it:
Watch these clips. 
“Oct 2017, 1/3-Ensamble Folclórico Colibrí

“El Circo – Nuevo Leon” – “The Circus – Nuevo Leon” 

“Disrupting Gender Roles and Exploring Sexuality in Ballet Folklorico” 

“Eighth Annual Hispanic LGBTQ Heritage Awards Reception Performance by BFMG”

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