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Weekly Learning Objectives: • Identify management practices that promote inclusi

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Weekly Learning Objectives: • Identify management practices that promote inclusion. • Review strategies that impact recruiting, hiring, and retention of a diverse workforce. • Report the legal implications of discriminatory behavior. • Identify practices of a culturally competent organization. • Identify practices or behaviors of a culturally competent individual. Hiring Bias: Reflecting on the legal and financial ramifications for hiring bias. Using the Discussion Board Rubric listed below as a guide, develop a well-thought-out original response after reading the article: “Remove Hiring Bias From Recruitment Process”. Compare the information to your text and at least one other source. Explain the impact of practices identified in the article on an organization and community. Defend the value of cultural competence in the workforce. Next, explain how your own career or academic major can utilize any of these practices (or others you found in your research) to address the dynamics of power, privilege, and inequality. Discussion Board Rubric Original response due by Day 3, 11:59pm ET. Respond to two of your peers by Day 5, 11:59pm ET. Access the Discussion Boards via the left-hand navigation menu.

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