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Weeks 7 and 8: Preparing a Personal e-Portfolio Instructions Preparing a Persona

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Weeks 7 and 8: Preparing a Personal e-Portfolio
Preparing a Personal e-Portfolio
This week you will create an e-portfolio that will showcase all of projects you have completed in this course along with other artifacts, photos, and resources you may want to include. E-portfolios are excellent tools for showcasing to potential employers your skills, educational and work experience, accomplishment and publications, talents, and professional credentials. 
While there are many open source and subscription e-portfolio resources online, APUS provides an e-portfolio to all active students and faculty: Portfolium. You will take advantage of the APUS e-portfolio at this hyperlink (Portfolium) or in the Course Overview.
When you enter the Portfolium site, look for the short introductory video at the bottom of the welcome page. This video will introduce you to the Portfolium program and provide you with pointers regarding how to get started. If additional resources are required for the development of your e-portfolio, the internet has a wealth of YouTube videos, Web-based resources, and examples you can access for ideas. This is a project for you to showcase not only your skills, talents, and capabilities, but your academic history and creative skills. An important element of this project is the creativity that you pour into this e-portfolio.
This last week’s assignment, creating an e-portfolio, should be a lot of fun. However, there is no set way to “accessorize” your e-portfolio, it is left up to your creativity and how you want to “brand” yourself. However, the only mandated content for your e-portfolio are the seven projects you created during the the last six weeks. How and where you insert and introduce these projects is up to you. It is expected that you will “personalize” this e-portfolio with additional information, photos, artifacts showcasing your experience, certifications, qualifications, and personal interest content.
Make sure you have made the corrections your instructor has asked prior to inserting them in the e-portfolio. The majority of your grade will is based on the professional look of your e-portfolio, the creativity you have put into the content, the inclusion of important additional artifacts that showcase your skills and experiences, your use of photos, and narration you have inserted to “personalize” your interests, ambitions, personal goals, etc.
There is really no correct method for completing this project, however, here is one way that may get you started until your own creative juices kick in:
Before you get started with Portfolium, go back over each of the 7 projects you completed in weeks 1 through 6 and make sure you have included all of the changes your instructor has recommended.
Do some research regarding best practices for authoring your e-portfolio
Do more research at some of the hyperlinks below
Do some more research at other online resources you may find
Add any additional resources, assets , or exemplars of your work.
Dress the site up with any photos, narrative, or additional artifacts you want to use to represent who you are
Publish the site
Provide your instructor with a Link to the e-portfolio so he or she may review and grade your work.

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