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What is a photograph? Answer the question in as many ways as you can. In develop

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What is a photograph?
Answer the question in as many ways as you can. In developing your answer, consider the work of at least four photographers, and how their work provides insight into 1. how we can understand what a photograph is, 2. how it operates, and 3. how it creates meaning. Two of your chosen photographers should be from the time period before, and two from after World War II; all four should belong to different movements or formations we have studied in twentieth-century photography. Photographers: Before WWII: 1. August Sander: Neue sachlichkeit
a) photos choose from: Street Worker, Farmer’s Wife, Farm Girls, Farm Children, The Painter Gottfried Brockmann, Three Generations of a Farming (can choose more than one)
b) article: Photography Between Narrativity and Stasis
2. Man Ray: Surrealism
a) You can choose any Man Ray photo(s) that appears in the article Photographic Conditions of Surrealism
b) Articles: The Age of Light, Photographic Conditions of Surrealism
After WWII:
3. Richard Avedon: New York School
a) Photos choose from: Andy Warhol, Artist; William Casy, Born a Slave; or any fashion photographs that appears in the article
b) Article: In the American East
4. Jeff Wall: Post-conceptual
a) Photos choose from: The Storyteller, Picture for Women
b) Article: Photographys Expanded Field

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