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Why Professional Learning Standards? For educators to grow, change, and reflect

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Why Professional Learning Standards?
For educators to grow, change, and reflect on their practices, professional development opportunities must provide the challenge and support that allow teachers to apply what they learn (Speck and Knipe, 2005). “Creating such opportunities requires commitment, understanding, planning, resources, time, and evaluation” (p.3). Part of that commitment comes from aligning professional learning to a set of standards that lead to effective teaching practices, supportive leadership, and improved student results (learningforward, 2015).
Prepare your response by viewing and reading the following;
View the Overview of Standards for Professional Learning (Links to an external site.) video (4 minutes)
Read Chapter 6, pages 93-105 in Mooney and Mausbach (2008)
Initial Post
Previous Knowledge and Experience: Describe how your understanding of professional learning standards changed after watching the video and reading pages 93-105 from Chapter Six (Mooney & Mausbach, 2008).
New Learning: Professional Standards: According to Stephanie Hirsh from the video and Mooney and Mausbach (2008), how do professional learning standards and use of effective PD models contribute to effective professional development and student learning?
Application: Summarize the difference between a school professional development plan and an individual professional development plan as shared in Mooney and Mausbach, Chapter Six (2008). Consider the Week Six Final Project and share which type of professional development plan you will focus on and create.

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