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Within the scope of human trafficking there lies a plethora of ways in which hum

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Within the scope of human trafficking there lies a plethora of ways in which human beings are trafficked within and between countries. Examine closely the different forms of human trafficking. What are the laws pertaining to such crimes in your community or state?
In this Discussion you will examine some of the facets of human trafficking, the perpetrators, and their victims.
To prepare
Examine the Learning Resources regarding human trafficking.
Do a search on your state or county laws regarding human trafficking.
Choose a “type” of human trafficking (avoid choosing those types that are relatively common; think outside the box).
Post by Day 3 a response to the following:
Provide a brief description of the type of trafficking.
Locate statistics regarding the type of trafficking and summarize them (include magnitude, cost, etc.).
Answer the following questions:
Based on the information covered in this class regarding the mindset of criminals, do you think that the offenders are aware of the magnitude of their crimes?
Why do you think that human trafficking is such an enormous “business”?
How has the vastness of the Internet contributed to the issue of human trafficking?
Explain using evidence.

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