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Write a 4-page assessment in which you describe the current understanding of mot

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Write a 4-page assessment in which you describe the current understanding of motivation related to an identified behavior and discuss applications of research to social policies associated with that behavior.
Select one of the following three broad areas of behavior:
Eating behaviors.
Intimacy behaviors.
Drug use and addiction behaviors.
Then identify a research topic associated with the behavioral area you selected. An important skill in conducting research is to narrow the focus of your topic to keep the content manageable and to facilitate finding supportive evidence. To identify a properly narrow topic:
Begin with your selected behavior and start to narrow the focus. See examples of topics listed below. You may use one of the examples or identify your own.
Continue to narrow the focus of your topic with consideration for other relevant factors, such as age of the research subjects (adults versus children), their gender, their educational level, or other demographic or topical factors. Your goal is to identify a research topic that is appropriately narrow and can be sharply defined, and for which research is available.
Do some preliminary research to ensure that you have sufficient sources for your topic. To find sources, select key words and enter them into the Summon search engine in the Capella University Library. If you do not find sufficient resources, revise the focus of your topic and try again.
Finally, develop a working title for your paper (for example, “Motivational Factors in Adolescent Females With Anorexia”) that addresses the narrowed and manageable research topic.
Examples of Topics
Eating behaviors.
Normal hunger and eating patterns.
Cravings for certain foods or food-like substances.
Compulsive eating (obesity).
Dieting or controlled eating.
Eating disorders (anorexia).
Intimacy behaviors.
Sexual arousal (passion).
Sexual orientation.
Drug use and addiction.
“Social” alcohol or drug use.
Initial motivation to use drugs.
Why people become addicted.
Cigarette use or quitting.
Quitting addictive behavior.
Abstinence versus moderation.
To complete this assessment, research your topic and write a paper in which you complete the following:
Focus on a well-defined research topic associated with the behavior you selected.
Describe the tools and technologies used in one of the research studies on this topic.
Explain the key motivational (biological, learned, and cognitive) factors associated with the selected behavior.
Identify a social issue associated with the selected behavior that can be addressed by public policy.
Integrate research findings into a description of how public policy has or could address a social issue related to the selected behavior. That is, consider how an understanding of this research could inform public policy related to this issue.

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