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Write a brief on the case of Davs vs Texas (I provided a pdf of it). The brief n

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Write a brief on the case of Davs vs Texas (I provided a pdf of it). The brief needs to be structured in the following way. put it in numbers. 
1 Title
2 Statement of the who is appealing and why [Who convicted? What for? Sentence? etc] 3 Statement of the Main facts of case [What was the crime? Who got arrested/ Why? etc] 4 Outline the Main Issues the Court was ruling on. There are at least three but several more main topics the Court considered.
[Within those topics I want you to spot and discuss the concepts we discussed in class to date, (or any that are coming up in the next chapter.) Meaning point out what in this case is an example of what we covered [in topics1-9] and how it applies to this case. Example: circumstantial evidence vs direct evidence. It is clearly there, so point it out.
5 Ruling [rationale] for the Courts ruling on each of the Main Issues you bring up. Meaning why they ruled that way.
6 Final conclusion by the Court
Keep in mind being accurate and to the point is better than endlessly writing hoping you get the write answer. So be direct and concise with your answers. Longer is not always better.

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