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Write a research paper expounding on your subject’s contribution to Christian sp

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Write a research paper expounding on your subject’s contribution to Christian spirituality (approximately 2500 words = 9-10 pages). All papers should be either in MLA, Chicago or APA style.
30 % of the grade is dedicated to the written expression (which would include spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure) and 70 % to the content (analysis of the text, reflections, etc.).
Thesis and Argumentation:
My paper will be focusing on how Wesley’s beliefs on individual sanctity and a selfcontrolled Christian life, which is the purpose of the Methodism, have developed the Christian religion. Wesley stressed the significance of confessing wrongdoings in order to be spiritually cleansed. He disputes that the individuals who wish to enter heaven must be willing to correctly follow the Christian faith which primarily consists of salvation. He argued that the best way to endorse that message and convert individuals was by travelling around the world and preaching it. Interestingly, it was after his death where his Methodist movement turned into a bigger movement than he would have imagined as it spread across the world changing the daily lives of Christians. Even though Wesley’s ideologies were brought to life and executed in the 1700s, his notions were so impactful that it still plays a tremendous role in more modern times.

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