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Write an academic essay in which you inform your audience how a text works, rhet

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Write an academic essay in which you inform your audience how a text works, rhetorically—or how it creates its message.
For this rhetorical analysis essay, you must use the following text: “Whats Eating America?” by Michael Pollan
In addition to the guidance from our readings and discussions, the following questions should help you generate ideas: What does the author want to accomplish? How does the author use strategies to communicate meaning? Why does the author want readers to have certain experiences? Does the writer have a particular agenda?
You’ll need to quote from the text you’re analyzing directly. Since the author and text are the focus on your project and because you are analyzing rhetoric, I’d imagine that you’d need to quote from the text you’re analyzing; your reader will want to hear the author’s words as you analyze them.
Evaluation Criteria: Academic Writing should be 3-4 pages (1000+ words) in length and will be assessed in accordance with the following criteria:
Understanding of the text’s purpose
Use of language appropriate for rhetorical analysis
Clarity/Strength of claims
Organization/Paragraph Development/Length
Attention to your Situation/Purpose/Audience/Genre/Tone/etc…
Use of of evidence – quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing – including introductory and follow-up material Use of source citation (signal phrases/attribution) and documentation (MLA Works Cited or APA References)
Audience: Professor/ academic journal.
Formatting: Your document should be in MLA or APA format; typed in an appropriate font (Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman or something similar); all margins should be one inch; and the essay should be double-spaced.

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