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write clear and safe instructions or procedures for the use of a electrical car

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write clear and safe instructions or procedures for the use of a electrical car 12 volt for kids ( which can be ride by kids and parents can control remotely ) include graphics and pictures for visualization
The objectives of this part of the course are to write instructions or procedures demonstrating.
 appropriate language forms
 effective design
 functional elements.
This is an assignment in which creativity is paramount. Therefore, the only basic requirements are that at
least 600 words are used and at least 2 visualizations. Everything else is up to the students. Effort will
count a lot. It will be easy to discern for the teacher if the students put in a lot of work or where lazy.
 Situational features are clearly communicated.
 All elements of the document are present, including
o clear and limiting title
o informed content
o visuals
o appropriate level of detail and technicality
o logically ordered steps
o notes and hazard notices
o effective numbering system with sections, subsections
and/or bullets.
 Document is usable in terms of
o fitness for purpose
o content
o organization
o style
o design
o legal liability
o cultural constraints.
 Document is readable, including
o appropriate verb forms
o clarity
o logic
o parallel structures
o affirmative language forms
o transition signals.

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