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Writing Tips Be sure to use complete sentences and standard English spelling and

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Writing Tips
Be sure to use complete sentences and standard English spelling and grammar in your submissions.
Be sure to refer to required readings and/or supplementary material in your submission and include citations when appropriate.
Type your response directly into the text box.
Do not write your assignment in the Comments section!
You may use attachments only for images.
NOTE: After you have completed the chapter reading for this module and reviewed the Learning Module links, complete the following assignment:
Part 1 – Dimensions and Depth:
You will often find vertical lines in the sides of doors, windows, columns, tree trunks, and the sides of a building.
Horizontal lines are often found at the foundation of the building, above and below doors and windows, and in the horizon.
Any straight line that is not vertical or horizontal will be diagonal.
Curved lines appear in circular and rounded areas.
Organic lines appear in natural objects, such as the landscape, people, animals, and treetops.
Take a photo, or find an image of, a building.
Print this image on a piece of paper and, using colored markers or highlighters, pick out  and label the vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved, and organic lines.
After you have defined the lines, using colored markers or highlighters and where they are in the picture, look at which kind of line is most common.
Write your name and class reference number on the image.
Take a picture of the image and attach it to your submission.
Write a response to this question.
Why do you think the architect used that particular line orientation so often?
Part 2 – Color Meaning:
Research ONE of the colors listed and answer the following questions.  (Gray or Navy or Pink, or Yellow)
Research information on word associations, emotions, ideas, and symbols that are related to the colors. What does this color mean (represent)? 
Find a company logo associated with the color. Include a link to the logo image.
How does the color represent or reinforce the company’s values/mission?
Think of another color that would be a great fit for the company and the service or product that they provide. Explain your color choice.
Part 3 – Reflection:
How did this assignment help to reinforce concepts in learning module 2? Be sure to refer to required readings and/or supplementary material in your response and include citations when appropriate.

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