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You are a school safety and security expert making a presentation to the school

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You are a school safety and security expert making a presentation to the school administration as to the safety of their school.
Research the various layers of security available for schools.
Select a local elementary, middle, high school, or college in your area.
Visit the school to evaluate/assess its physical security.
Identify soft and hard targets.
(First conduct research to define what a soft and a hard target is.)
(Include the perimeter of the school, the structure/building.   If a large school (such as MDC), focus on one building and one classroom.)
Describe the types of security measures (layers) currently used at the school.
What types of crime is the school susceptible to? 
(What common types of crime happen at these schools around the country? What can be done to minimize the crimes?)
Provide statistics on the crimes that have occurred in the past year (or most current data) at this school (e.g., MDPSP or college data [Clery Act] [See Course Resources/Research Articles & Links]). 

What policies are in place to protect students and faculty?
(Conduct research on this.  Most schools provide this information online.)
What recommendations would you make to improve the security at the school both physically and policy-wise?
Ethel Koger Beckham Elementary School
Florida International University
PowerPoint Requirements
Length: 25-27 slides
Separate cover slide
Separate references slide
Do not to overcrowd your slides with information.
Be thorough, but also be concise.
Use bullet points to highlight main points.
If you use graphics, be sure to condense them, so your presentation is not too large.
PowerPoint does not require that you write full sentences or paragraphs; in fact, this will detract from your presentation.
Your ideas must flow logically and your points should be presented in a consistent format.
Check your spelling and use standard American English.
Consult at least three (3) SCHOLARLY sources in preparing your presentation. (The last slide should be a “References” slide; follow APA format.
For all course work submitted or posted, students must cite all sources of information whereas I can retrieve a copy of the source to verify it.  If a book is used, the student must include the page number of where the information was taken. 
Students should not use sources that are more than 10 years old.  
If the professor is not able to retrieve the information, it will not be considered as a source and or the information will be assumed to be plagiarized.

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