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You are now the senior executive of a company called SweatAway, providing body w

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You are now the senior executive of a company called SweatAway, providing body wipes for athletes or workers that wipe off perspiration and germs without taking shower.
The development of new leaders in your organization is a major objective for the new year, and you have decided to begin the process by addressing the requisite elements below.
1.) Considering the strategies and concepts suggested for managing the pace and pres- sure of leadership from file 1, 2, 3, 4. cite at least two relevant strategies for your leadership subordinates.
2.) Relative to The Performance Matrix from file 5, 6, 7, what are 3-5 PACT Couplets (e.g., “need vs want”, “understood/respected vs. liked/accepted” or any of your own innovation) that You would now specifically emphasize as essential to encouraging the performance of the critically important cadre of steadies/organizational advocates in your organization?
3.) Provide at least three guidance strategies based on the file 8, 9 and videos that You would detail to new leaders in the organization for their use in leadership communication responsibilities such as meetings, presentations and one-on-one interactions.

4.) Select at least two values from the presentation 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 that you did not cite in that module and propose two notable leadership models of your own selection from the corporate, world and national leadership spheres that You believe match the criteria of each value.
5.) Utilizing either of the field 15, select three slides that resonate with You and would be useful in this project. You can provide the number of the slide and describe its relevance to your work (if written)

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