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you provide a lot of really great information on the green design elements that

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you provide a lot of really great information on the green design elements that are possible in Camden. However, I think you need more information up-front about the green infrastructure as a “project”—what is the scope, who is involved, how was this decided, who participated, was there any conflict, how was it funded, etc. It’s not clear that this is an urban revitalization project that’s underway. For example, the green wall—where is it? Who was involved? How many were implemented? What was the cost? Etc. These are important details to understand this as an urban revitalization project. As it stands, for many of the sections, it’s unclear whether these ideas were implemented or if they are just good ideas that you think would work well locally (the latter is not the focus of this paper assignment). What did the city of Camden actually do or is planning to do, and what are the impacts/anticipated impacts? Please be clear and cite this work. Are there any local news sources to draw from? A section on context, in the beginning, would be really important to frame the rest of the paper. If this feedback doesn’t make sense, please let me know and we can chat. The other point I want to raise is that you don’t cite a lot of your evidence, which is really necessary. you revise this paper still paper with the following comments

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