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You will be required to produce a case study on a well-known and significant cyb

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You will be required to produce a case study on a well-known and significant cyber-crime. You may chooses your own case or choose from the list below.
List of Criminals.
John Draper
Vladimir Levin
Kevin Mitnick
Kevin Poulsen
Gary McKinnon
You will be required to present a case study on the individual and their computer-based crime. The case study will be a minimum of 5-6 pages (1500-word count minimum) of your own work product.  Cover pages, citations and work cited pages will not be counted towards the minimums.
Each case study must provide a thorough examination of the criminal and the technical and practical aspects of the crime. The work must include but not be limited to the following questions:
Provide the background of the cybercriminal?
Detail the nature and extent of their crime?
What was the method of attack? (what vulnerability was exploited? etc.). 
What tools were used in the attack. (specific virus, etc.)
What was the loss?
What was the outcome of the crime?
What countermeasures were put in place as a result of this crime?
How do you feel about the response to this crime and do you believe that it was fairly and effectively dealt with?
What is the status of the cybercriminal today?
You must describe in detail and properly support and cite all of the information relating to each question.
You are required to read and utilize the E-Text and any reliable sources to provide information to support your written work. 
To facilitate this, you are required to only use the E-Text course Required Resources or sources available through theBerkeley College Library (See Links). 
You are required to properly cite all work in APA and must have a minimum of 3 primary sources and the E-Text.  The Berkeley College Library provides great resources on how to do this (See Links). 
The paper shall be a minimum of 5-6 full pages ( a minimum of 1500 words) of your own work, not counting the cover page, works cited page, etc.
Any quoted material that exceeds 10% of the entire document will not be counted towards word or page counts.
For each half page short of this requirement 5 points shall be deducted from the overall paper grade. 
The intent of the assignment is not to simply provide a short answer for these questions but to provide full details with support. 
The assignment is due 
This assignment  should be completed in 3 parts: 
2.Writing the paper 
Editing the paper.
Each part should be afforded sufficient time to complete the task. 
It is recommended that at least 3 hours be spent on each. 
Any indications of significant cutting and pasting without full APA citation will result in a 0 being awarded for the grade and potential referral to the academic integrity database for investigation.

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