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You will submit this proposal in a video format using a creative electronic medi

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You will submit this proposal in a video format using a creative electronic media reflecting the information from your Week 3 poster.
Choose a creative electronic media outlet to express your technology.
You will need to include a written or audio narrative to explain the issue and the proposed solution.
Here are a few suggestions. Do not be bound by this list; be as creative as you can be with electronic media:
Create a moving collage or video of still photographs with music.
You CANNOT take a picture of any patient or nurse in the workplace (remember your privacy and security training).
Do not refer to a product’s brand name.
You may use the images from last week’s poster presentation.
Create a poem or song and video of yourself reciting or singing your original work.
Create a piece of art and record yourself creating it using electronic media.
Create a digital story of the issue and proposed solution.
You have the choice to use any electronic media tool EXCEPT PowerPoint. You are responsible for establishing proficiency in its use (search how-to videos on YouTube or Google).
All projects must be submitted through the designated assignment section as a URL (link). If you use Adobe Spark to create your video, submit the published URL (link). If you use any other electronic media, you will need to upload your project to YouTube (unlisted, instead of private) and then submit the YouTube video URL (link). The following electronic media tools are easily uploaded to YouTube:
Moviemaker 2
Microsoft Photo Story 3
Adobe spiv
Be creative and have fun!! The URL (Adobe or YouTube) must be submitted in the assignment section.

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