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You will write a 1,000-word case study (+/- 10%) of a newspaper or magazine exam

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You will write a 1,000-word case study (+/- 10%) of a newspaper or magazine examining its design evolution or a critical moment in its design life – such as a major redesign. 
Using academic references and insight from practitioners you will analyse the newspaper or magazine’s use of design to address its readership, combat difficult market conditions or reinvent its brand. Consideration should also be given to the magazine’s approach to digital publishing and the impact on design of new models of distribution. Lectures, but primarily independent research, should be your main source of insight on this subject. You may choose to include primary research from practitioners.
Bibliography: You must quote references from books and journals from the module reading list and others as well as practitioners and other trusted sources. Your case study must include a bibliography (without it, you might fail), formatted in Harvard style. 
Indicative reading list:
Garfield, S. (2011) Just My Type. London: Profile
Leslie, J. (2013) The Modern Magazine: visual Journalism in the Digital Era. London: Laurence King Publishing
McKay, J. (2013) The Magazines Handbook. New York: Routledge
Society of News Design (2016) The Best of News Design. Beverley, Mass: Rockport
Stam, D and Scott, A (2014) Inside Magazine Publishing. London: Routledge
Whittaker, J. (2008) Magazine Production. London: Routledge
British Journalism Review
Journalism Studies
Columbia Journalism Review
Journalism Practice
Digital Journalism

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