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You will write a critical evaluation of one of the readings from Part IV of the

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You will write a critical evaluation of one of the readings from Part IV of the Ethical Life textbook. You will be graded on clarity, accuracy, and your ability to critically evaluate the material. Your essay must be typed, double-spaced, and free of spelling errors. Your essay should be two to four pages in length. You will only need the textbook and class notes to write the paper. Students should avoid using any other outside sources. Any additional sources that contribute to your paper must be cited via footnotes or other references. You may not use direct quotes. You are being graded on your understanding of the material, so explain the view of the author in your own words. *Any student caught plagiarizing will fail the course—see the syllabus.* Students may email me to discuss strategies for completing the essay. Essays are due the day of the final exam. No late papers will be accepted.
Part I: Begin by telling me which of the readings you will be criticizing (be sure to include the name of the author.) Tell me the conclusion that the author intends to prove. Then summarize the author’s argument. Be sure to give a detailed explanation of the premises in support of the conclusion. Discuss moral principles or theories that might support the author’s view. Give your own examples to help explain the argument. Remember to present the argument in its strongest form.
Part II: Give at least one objection to the author’s view. Explain what is wrong with the author’s argument. Remember that you are not giving objections to the conclusion of the author’s argument; rather, you are giving objections to the premises in support of the author’s argument. Be sure to give examples to help make your position clear. Give specific moral principles or theories that help support your objection. You may not use an objection already discussed by the author unless you intend on criticizing the author’s response to that objection. Give as much detail as possible, and be sure that you are criticizing the author’s actual view.

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