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Your paper should be a substantive 4-6 page response to one of the following top

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Your paper should be a substantive 4-6 page response to one of the following topics. For either topic, you will assess two distinct arguments and then draw your own conclusions based on the position that you hold. what will count in the grade for your final paper will be the clarity and organization of your writing, the clarity of the arguments that you are comparing and your providing of support for the arguments that you are exploring.
Topic : automation
Q. is automation a good thing? or a bad thing? Inevitable? or preventable?
Discuss and assess these arguments
suggested readings: 
Four Futures: Life After Capitalism, Author: Peter Frase, Publisher: Verso, Edition: 1, Year Published: 2016, Price: 12.00 USD  ISBN: 978-1781688137
David Freddoso  “Automation Liberates Both Business Owners and Workers”
Eli Lehrer “Automation Will Increase Productivity, Not Unemployment”
Adam Simpson “The Threat of Automation Will Not Be Fixed with Job Training”
Donald A. Vincent “Expanding Automation Benefits the Economy”
Dan Jacoby “Automation and Advancing Technologies Threaten Labor”
Jim Pinto “Automation Contributes to Problems of Abundance and Scarcity”
Avi Hoffer “Health-Care Management Can Benefit from Automation”
Barry Chaiken “Health-Care Management May Not Benefit from Automation”
Arnold Brown “The Impact of Robots on Employment”

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