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Your response to the Discussion Question must meet the described criteria and be

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Your response to the Discussion Question must meet the described criteria and be around 250 to 300 words. It must reflect an analysis of the important HR implications, applications, your insights, or observations based on your chapter reading, work experiences, or classes in Business or Management in which you can formulate a response. Your response needs to be in text form; do not use bullet points. Focus your response on what you feel are HRM implications contained in your HR or Management readings. The response must be 250 to 300 words. A response of only one or two short paragraphs with less than 150 words in the response will receive only a portion of the total points for the response. It is important not to be brief. Be sure to use proper English punctuation, etc. These factors may become a factor in grading the response or assignment. The Discussion Question is as follows. Read Section 3.2 beginning on page 86 through 99 in the 15th edition of the textbook. This section examines a number of critical concepts in understand discrimination in the workplace.
Review these pages carefully and organize a response consisting of three paragraphs. Within the Section 3.2 (Pages 86-99) n the textbook, there are interesting topics that you can select In your first paragraph, you can discuss unlawful discrimination in the workplace and its implications for HR and why there are important areas for HR to administer and seek compliance from supervisors and managers. You can also select any of the concepts such as disparate impact, BFOQ’s, and others in your response. Review these pages carefully. There are many interesting areas to review. You must have more than four sentences.
In your second paragraph, you can share any experiences with HRM departments and analyze whether HR fulfills meeting the requirements to ensure a lawful work environment. You can site issues involving sexual harassment, employment discrimination, or any other type of harassment that exists in the workplace. Again, this paragraph must have more than four sentences.
The last of the three paragraphs is a requirement. Discuss what you have learned from assessing the functions of HRM. Why are they important to potential candidates for hire, current employees, managers, and other stakeholders. Draw from your experiences or observations of HRM. You must have more than four sentences.

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